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Thank you to all my clients who were willing to let me play a part in your life. I’m grateful for all those who wrote me a good review and to the couples who let me post their wedding photos. I wish all of you have a happy healthy life and enjoy this wonderful world.

Hiring Linda Young to perform our wedding and Green Card process was absolutely one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding. It was a special blessing to be able have someone like Linda perform our ceremony and know that everything was done in a professional manner and know that every detail was in place. She helped us with everything to include picture taking. We were so glad to have her there to guide us through all the necessary documents. Linda’s passion for weddings combined with her organization and attention to detail make her worth far more than the rates she charges. We would highly recommend her to any couple planning their wedding.“

From Don and Ayren B.

  • Zhefan Zhang & Feiyan Li
    Zhefan Zhang & Feiyan Li
  • Juan Torres & Judith Castro
    Juan Torres & Judith Castro
  • Salvador Flores & Lianna Pasquariello
    Salvador Flores & Lianna Pasquariello
  • Omar Parker & Kai Sanders
    Omar Parker & Kai Sanders
  • Garry Hardwick & Made Pusparini
    Garry Hardwick & Made Pusparini
  • Chao Zhan & Makenna Gill
    Chao Zhan & Makenna Gill

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1 Hour Marriage

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