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1 Hour Marriage1 Hour Marriage

Same Day Marriage | 1 Hour Marriage

Yes, it’s true! You do not have to travel to Las Vegas anymore. You may now get married in Los Angeles in only ONE HOUR. Linda Young has been authorized as an agent of the Los Angeles County to issue a confidential marriage license, and is also an ordained minister from Universal Life Church who can perform the marriage ceremony. The entire procedure can be done in ONE STOP and in ONE HOUR! We make it easy for you!
Govenment license fee: $85; 1 Certify copy $15.

No witnesses necessary.

No traveling to LA County or Las Vegas.

No waiting in a long line.

No hassles. We will handle all legal paper work for you.

No blood test need.

No dresscode.

7 Days a week.

Mobile Service to your home or venue.

No State residency required.

1. A valid ID or passport.
2. Either a divorce decree, death certificate, or annulment (if any).
If you have any question about your document, please call or text Linda at (626) 284-8281.




1 Hour Marriage

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