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1 Hour Marriage1 Hour Marriage

Linda Young

Los Angeles County Government Authorized Agent issuing Marriage Licenses.

20 years of experience as a Registered Immigration Consultant.

Ordained Non-Denominational Wedding Officiant.

Notary Public / Document Translator / USCIS Interpreter.

Speaks English, Mandarin, Indonesian, Cantonese, Hakkanese.

Linda Young is a California State Registered Immigration Consultant. She has been helping clients since 1990 by processing their immigration cases. Through the help of Linda Young, thousands of clients from Asia have successfully received their green cards and now live in the United States.
Linda Young is also an authorized notary from Los Angeles County who can issue marriage licenses.
Under the training and supervision of many county officers, she offers the most efficient and convenient procedures for people who intend to get married.
~To make it easier for you, weekend appointments are available as well. In addition, marriage licenses and the wedding ceremony can be delivered at the same time because :
Linda Young is a legally ordained minister from the Universal Life Church.
This is a non-denominational ministry committed to the rights of the individual to experience the divine according to their own personal beliefs. Religion doesn’t matter; Linda Young can perform the solemnization of marriages based on the doctrine of religious freedom. She speaks fluently in Mandarin and English, and can communicate well in Indonesian, Malaysian, Cantonese, and Hakkanese.
~Because of her personal background of growing up in Asia herself, Linda Young can relate to her clients.
Young & Young Int’l Consultant takes pride in providing top-quality service marked with experience, passion, and professionalism at a reasonable fee.




1 Hour Marriage

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