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Eli & Brittany from Colorado & Canada

Linda Young possesses the skills and knowledge required to help her clients navigate their way through an often intimidating immigration process. She is very well versed in the immigration procedure and made me feel completely relaxed. In just one appointment she got all of my documentation in order and had all forms filled out and ready to be submitted. Linda is so friendly and I loved being able to call or email her and know that I could speak with her immediately. I had tremendous confidence in her ability to make my immigration proceedings smooth, and I would highly recommendher to anyone facing the immigration process.

Edward & Eva from California & Indonesia

When comes to your Immigration needs, Eva and I recommend Linda Young for all
your Immigration needs, she will save you time and money……………… also we found her
office easy to get to .

Thomas & Juthamart from massachusetts and Thailand

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
“Linda performed our marriage ceremony and green card application in the same day. It took just a couple of hours. Linda is very organized and efficient. She had all the necessary paperwork ready, She even sent us to a local medical clinic to get the necessary paperwork from the doctor (immunizations, TB X-ray). We received the temporary visa and appointment for green card interview right on schedule as Linda had advised. We easily passed the interview and my wife got the green card right on time. I highly recommend Linda’s service, she is very professional and competent.”
July 5, 2012

Bill & Cinderella from Washington & Indonesia

Linda helped my new Indonesian wife with her green card application. In a very short time the application was completed with her expert direction. Her cost for services is very reasonable. I would recommend her to any one needing help with the green card application.

Ephraim Jachin from Indonesia

It’s a pleasure for me to answer a request for a few lines of recommendation for a good friend of mine, Mrs. Linda Young, owner and Ceo of Young & Young Int’l Consultants. I’ve known Linda for well over 15 years, and together have successfully had a hand in many legal issues. In my association with Linda I also have come to know that she is very knowledgeable in her field of work and a very dedicated legal professional. Individuals and companies looking for clear explanations of legal Air Jordan Femme colloquialisms, and seeking solutions to getting the full protection of the law, will find Linda is the right specialist to consult; having decades of practical, day-to-day experience in the legal complexity, Linda is unmistakably the expert to retain.”

Tricia from California

I have known Linda for almost 30 years. She is a warm, friendly and willing to help anyone in need. I need to fill couple of position in my department. I was asking if Linda could give any referal. She recommended her client. I filled 2 positions with her referal. Both of them used her Marriage License services. One used her Citizenship service too. Later I found our HR also used her Marriage License service and he was very happy because it was easy. If you want professional service, you need to check Linda’s services.




1 Hour Marriage

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